Best answer: Does the BBC broadcast in Spanish?

What languages does BBC broadcast?

Languages online

As our web pages are supported by our radio broadcasting, only the languages currently on air are included. Some of the major languages broadcast in the past by BBC World Service include Dutch, Finnish, French for Europe (it is still broadcast to Africa), Hebrew, Italian, Japanese and Malay.

What is the Spanish news channel?

Major networks

TV network Founded # of Full-power affiliates
Univision 1987 62
Estrella TV 2009 38
Telemundo 1984 54
UniMás 2002 35

Is the BBC International?

The BBC World Service is an international broadcaster owned and operated by the BBC. It is the world’s largest of any kind.

Does the BBC still broadcast on shortwave?

There are now no direct BBC short-wave transmissions for North America, but in some parts of the region it may be possible to receive frequencies intended for West Africa or the Caribbean (although we cannot guarantee reception).

Is the BBC the best broadcaster in the world?

The BBC remains the world’s leading international broadcaster, with a weekly reach of 256 million, including 192 million watching or listening to the World Service.

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How can I watch Spanish channels for free?

Pluto TV is a free service, and it has about 44 Spanish-language channels. You can also take advantage of free trials with Sling TV and fuboTV. Sling TV has a few different plans, and you can enjoy a 7-day trial. Or watch Telemundo and Univision with fuboTV’s 7-day trial.

How do I get Spanish news?

A guide to news programmes you can watch online.

  1. TVE – Noticias. News from Spain’s state-owned broadcaster, which includes TVE1 and TVE2, the first and second channels. …
  2. Antena 3 Noticias. …
  3. Informativos Telecinco. …
  4. La Sexta – Noticias. …
  5. Telemadrid. …
  6. EiTB Actualidad. …
  7. CanalSurWeb – Servicios Informativos.

How do I get BBC World Service?

BBC World Service is always available to listen to online, via iPlayer Radio on your computer and mobile phone – simply visit on your phone’s internet browser.

What wavelength is BBC World?

BBC World Service is one of the channels available to Sky Digital subscribers, channel 0115. BBC World Service can be heard overnight, from 0100 to 0530 hours UK time, on the BBC Radio 4 frequencies 92-95 FM and 198 kHz long wave.

What is the point of the BBC World Service?

BBC World Service aims to inspire and illuminate the lives of its audience by bringing the world together, making connections and helping listeners to make sense of the world. Its programmes – which range from news, education and entertainment – have a reputation for being authoritative, impartial and accurate.