Can I take my driving test in English in Spain?

Can I take my driving test in Spain?

If you live here in Spain and want to obtain your first driving licence, you will need to take a driving theory and practical test as is the case in the UK and other European countries. The procedure is relatively straight forward and comprises of five main requirements.

How much does it cost to take a driving test in Spain?

The Cost of Taking Your Driving Test in Spain

Securing your Spanish driving license isn’t cheap. The average cost of everything you need to pass your test is between 800-1200€.

How long does a driving test take in Spain?

The test ended with you pulling the car up to a curb.

Finally, after shaking hands with your examiner, you took that famous picture, and voila! You had your driver’s license. The whole process took about 45 minutes… well, things are a bit more complicated in Spain.

How hard is a Spanish driving test?

The test is multiple choice, but you have to get 90% or higher to pass. Since it’s a 30-question exam, that means you can only get three questions wrong. As long as you study and do lots of practice tests beforehand, though, you should be able to pass without too much difficulty.

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What does a Spanish driving medical involve?

The medical examination will be a sight, hearing and co-ordination test in the form of a computer based driving simulation. … Conversion to a Spanish licence can be completed at the time of taking the medical examination however, should expat drivers wish to do so.

Can I drive in Spain after Brexit?

If you’re a British licence holder who didn’t register your intention to exchange your licence for a Spanish one before the end of 2020, you have an extra three months during which to drive with your UK licence in Spain and take your Spanish driving test to be able to continue driving in Spain after the new deadline

How much does a driver’s license cost in Spain?

Driver’s licenses in Spain range in cost from €717.30 to €2,008.30, which is anywhere from $829.41 to $2,322.20. In Spain, teenagers must be at least 18 years old before they can drive a vehicle by themselves.

Can I use my UK driving Licence in Spain?

Yes, you can drive in Spain using your full UK driving licence. But you must be at least 18 years old and, obviously, it must be in-date. Unlike in some other European countries, you don’t need an international driving permit to drive there.

Do I need licence for Spain?

If you are and U.S citizen and want to move abroad you need to apply for a Spanish driver’s licence and pass the Spanish driving test as there is not an agreement between the US and Spain. If you don’t live in an EU or EEA-country you need to apply for a Spanish driver’s licence or retake the test in Spain.

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What is the driving test like in Spain?

Taking Your Spanish Driving Test in English

Your theory test will ask you 30 multiple choice questions from a pool of 3,000 potential questions, and you’ll need to answer 90 percent of them correctly to pass. When it comes to your practical test, however, you’ll have no choice but to take it in Spanish.

What age can you learn to drive in Spain?

The minimum age for driving in Spain is 18 years of age. If you are coming to Spain in your own car, you will have to ask for a temporary circulation permit for the vehicle at Customs. It is valid for six months, after which you must register your car in Spain.