Does Barcelona pay taxes?

How much do you pay in taxes in Barcelona?

The general tax rate is 24% (19% for EU citizens or residents in the European Economic Area) and there is a reduced rate of 19% on income classified as interest, dividends or capital gains.

How does Barcelona tax work?

Employees’s income tax is deducted at the source by employers in a “pay-as-you-earn” system . Residents are taxed at a maximum of 18 percent on certain types of income (savings income and capital gains). On the remaining sources of income, the minimum tax rate is 24 percent and the maximum is 43 percent.

How much do Spanish citizens pay in taxes?

Current rates

From (euros) Up to (euros) Tax Rate
€12,450 €20,200 24%
€20,200 €35,200 30%
€35,200 €60,000 37%
€60,000 & Above 45%

What is a good salary in Barcelona?

While you will earn an average of € 3,130 in the metropolis Barcelona, you can expect an average salary of € 2,910 in Málaga.

The largest cities in Spain offer the highest average salaries.

City Average Salary
Barcelona € 3,130
Madrid € 3,190
Valencia € 3,080
Málaga € 2,910
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What is the maximum tax free income?

The amount that you have to make to not pay federal income tax depends on your age, filing status, your dependency on other taxpayers and your gross income. For example, in the year 2018, the maximum earning before paying taxes for a single person under the age of 65 was $12,000.

How much is IBI tax in Barcelona?

Current taxes – IBI: The tax on property in Spain (IBI) is paid by the owner every year. The amount of the tax is 0.4% – 1.1% of cadastral value of the property. This tax can be paid from your current account in Spain, and its write-off takes place automatically.

How do I pay for IBI in Barcelona?

If you have a current valid payment receipt, you can pay:

  1. Internet. Card payment. Without a digital certificate.
  2. Kiosks. For procedures and services located at different sites and facilities in Barcelona.
  3. 010 line. Freephone 010 (+34 931 537 010 if calling from outside the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

How much can you earn in Spain without paying tax?

Instead, you’re allocated an ‘allowance’ on which you don’t pay tax. In Spain, everyone has a basic personal allowance of €5,550, which is increased in certain circumstances. For example, if you are over the age of 65 you have an additional allowance of €1,150; when you’re over 75, this increases to €1,400.

Do I have to pay US taxes if I live in Spain?

Things to Know About Taxes in Spain for Expats

If you’re a citizen or permanent resident of the US, you must file a US tax return each year, no matter what country you happen to live in at the time.

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How can I pay less tax in Spain?

Apply for the Beckham Law

  1. The Beckham Law is a special tax regime that is applied to foreigners who come to Spain due to work reasons. …
  2. Basically that you can avoid paying a progressive income tax that can rise up to 45%, and pay a flat fee of 24% instead.
  3. So, as you can see, this creates important tax savings for you.