Frequent question: How do you pay for the metro in Barcelona?

How much does the Barcelona metro cost?

The Barcelona metro ticket price is 2.40 euros.

You can also buy a T-Casual card which allows you to make ten trips on all lines of the network for a price of 11.35 euros.

How do you pay for trains in Barcelona?

Metro And Bus Tickets

Buying individual tickets for each journey is not economical or time effective unless you will be making only 3 journeys on public transport. Much better is to buy a travel card such as the T-Casual, or the travel and discount card called the Barcelona Card.

How does the metro work in Barcelona?

Metro stations are usually indicated by red and white signs bearing an M. Once inside the station, purchase a ticket from the electronic machines (instructions are available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French), and use it to pass through the turnstiles. Barcelona Metro Fast Facts: Cost: €2.40 for a single ticket.

How do I buy a metro ticket in Spain?

Children under the age of four may travel without a ticket. Metro tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines located in stations (with the exception of the Annual Season Ticket). You can also check the balance on your ticket at these machines.

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Is the metro in Barcelona safe at night?

You can walk the streets alone at night out without feeling threatened and the Barcelona metro is completely safe from violent crime. You often see police patrolling on streets and in traffic both day and night.

Are buses free in Barcelona?

Use the metro, bus and tram from TMB, the Rodalies-trains (only zone 1), as well as the local passenger train from FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) for free with the Barcelona City Pass. You can also use the pass to go to the airport or to get from the airport to the city.

How much is a metro ride?

Cost to Ride

Metrorail Cost to Ride
Off-Peak Fare* $2.00 – $3.85
Weekend Metrorail one-way fare $2.00
Metrobus Cost to Ride
Regular Routes $2.00

What are the metro zones in Barcelona?

The Barcelona metropolitan area is divided into 6 travel zones. Zone 1 is the centre of Barcelona, and zones 2-6 are each gradually further away from the centre, zone 6 being the furthest out – see the official TMB zone map here.