Frequent question: What are the two main categories of drama during the Spanish colonial period?

What are the two major categories of Philippine drama during Spanish period?

The drama had three general types: the “drama simboliko” that is usually commentary on political or social norms, the “drama romantiko” which are stories of–you guessed it—romance or even love for family, and the “drama comico” which are humorous plays staged to make people laugh.

What are the two early forms of drama during the Spanish colonial period?

Two of the early dramas written in the native languages were Ang Babai nga Huwaran (The Model Woman), 1878, and R.I.P., 1901. During the American Occupation, the drama was used by nationalists as allegorical diatribes against the new colonizers.

What kind of drama was brought by the Spanish?

When the Spaniards reached our shores, they used dramas such as zarzuelas as a pedagogical tool to influence the pagan tribes and teach them about Christianity and religion. Another important form of theater popularized during the Spanish colonization is the comedia, also known as moro-moro, linambay, or arakyo.

What two types of plays were popular during the Spanish Renaissance?

The two main forms of theater were autos sacramentales (religious plays) and comedias nuevas (a distinctly Spanish form of secular plays).

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What are the 7 theatrical forms?

In addition to the standard narrative dialogue style of plays, theater takes such forms as plays, musicals, opera, ballet, illusion, mime, classical Indian dance, kabuki, mummers’ plays, improvisational theatre, comedy, pantomime, and non-conventional or contemporary forms like postmodern theatre, postdramatic theatre, …

Who are the writers in Spanish period?

One of the country’s major writers, Claro Mayo Recto, continued writing in Spanish until 1960. Other well-known Spanish-language writers, especially during the American period were Francisco Alonso Liongson (El Pasado Que Vuelve, 1937), Isidro Marfori, Cecilio Apóstol (Pentélicas, 1941), Fernando Ma.

What is the Spanish Colonial tradition?

When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in 1521, the colonizers used art as a tool to propagate the Catholic faith through beautiful images.

What is Baroque zarzuela?

Baroque zarzuela

The characters in these early, baroque zarzuelas were a mixture of gods, mythological creatures and rustic or pastoral comedy characters; Antonio de Literes’s popular Acis y Galatea (1708) is yet another example. Unlike some other operatic forms, there were spoken interludes, often in verse.