Frequent question: What is the last episode of The Spanish Princess?

Did Harry sleep with Catherine’s sister?

Before they’re wed, Catherine confronts Harry with the report that he slept with her sister, Juana (Alba Galocha). Harry says this is preposterous (even though the show strongly suggested Juana seduced him), and then he turns the tables on Catherine.

Does Spanish princess marry Harry?

Arthur married the young Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon in November 1501, but he died very suddenly of consumption six months later. … As long as Henry VII lived, however, the marriage did not take place. During his teenage years, Henry was essentially waiting for his father to die.

Should I watch the white queen before The Spanish Princess?

In recent years, STARZ has produced three shows that take place during the height of England’s Wars of the Roses and that continue into the Tudor period. The series started with “The White Queen,” followed by “The White Princess,” and the first season of “The Spanish Princess.”

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