How do gerunds work in Spanish?

How does a gerund work?

Gerunds are words that are formed with verbs but act as nouns. They’re very easy to spot, since every gerund is a verb with ing tacked to its tail. … Instead, they act as modifiers or complete progressive verbs. To find gerunds in sentences, just look for a verb + ing that is used as a noun.

How does the use of the gerund in Spanish differ from its use in English?

In English, we use the gerund ‘-ing’ ending when we’re speaking about things currently happening. In Spanish, we can use the gerund, ‘-ando’ or ‘-endo’, however it’s more common to use the present simple tense when asking these questions in the moment.

What are the 5 types of gerund?

Types of gerunds

  • Subjects.
  • Predicate Nominative.
  • Direct object.
  • Object of preposition.

What is a gerund example?

A gerund is a form of a verb that ends in -ing that is used as a noun. … It looks like a verb, but it acts like a noun. For example, the word swimming is an example of a gerund. We can use the word swimming in a sentence as a noun to refer to the act of moving around in water as in Swimming is fun.

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What are Spanish gerunds?

In Spanish, the gerund is a form of the verb that usually ends in -ando or -iendo and is used to form continuous tenses.

What are three examples of an irregular gerund in Spanish?

Gerund Formation of Irregular Verbs

Spanish English English Conjugation
Huir To flee Fleeing
Ir To go Going
Leer To read Reading
Oír To hear Hearing

What do we use gerunds?

Gerunds can be used after certain verbs including enjoy, fancy, discuss, dislike, finish, mind, suggest, recommend, keep, and avoid.

  • After prepositions of place and time. I made dinner before getting home. …
  • To replace the subject or object of a sentence. Lachlan likes eating coconut oil.

What is the main function of gerund?

A gerund is a type of verbal that ends in -ing and is used like a noun. Gerunds can also function as the subject of the sentence, the direct object, or as the subject complement. They can also act as an object of a preposition.

What is a gerund sentence?

A gerund phrase is a phrase consisting of a gerund and any modifiers or objects associated with it. A gerund is a noun made from a verb root plus ing (a present participle). A whole gerund phrase functions in a sentence just like a noun, and can act as a subject, an object, or a predicate nominative.