How do I get fiscal residence in Spain?

What determines fiscal residence?

Staying more than 183 days a year in Spain

This is the most commonly applied rule and the most important one. If at the end of the year (counting from January to December), you add up all the days you have been in Spain and those are more than 183, you are a resident for tax purposes, a fiscal resident.

Can I be resident in Spain without being tax resident?

If you spend more than 183 days per year in Spain (6 months), you will be regarded as a tax resident. On the other hand, only living from 1 to 182 days in the country will imply you are a non-resident. … So, as you can see, you can have the residency in Spain and still be considered a non-resident.

How do I get Residencia fiscal?

To get the Residencia Fiscal en Espana Convenio you can visit “Agencia Tributaria” website and apply online (if you have a Digital Certificate number or Cl@ve PIN) or print it out and bring it to the Tax Office in Puerto del Rosario.

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What is Residencia fiscal in Spain?

A FISCAL RESIDENT CERTIFICATE (CERTIFICADO DE RESIDENCIA FISCAL) IS OBLIGATROY WHEN SELLING A PROPERTY IN SPAIN APPLICABLE TO RESIDENTS. Without this document, you will be treated as a non-resident and the 3% nonresident retention will be withheld at the notary. The amount minus taxes due can be reclaimed.

How do I know my residency status?

You can check your state’s department of revenue website for more information to confirm your residency status. If your resident state collects income taxes, you must file a tax return for that state.

How much money do I need to get residency in Spain?

Minimum Income / Funding Amounts for Spanish Residency

So for a family of 5, the main applicant has to have a bank balance of €19,625.48, or an annual income equal to that amount. Before your appointment you need to pay the €12 application tax.

What taxes do you pay as a resident in Spain?

Currently the Spanish income tax rates are as follows: Spanish income tax for incomes up to €12,450: 19% Spanish income tax for incomes ranging from €12,451 to €20,200: 24% Spanish income tax for incomes ranging from €20,201 to €35,200: 30%

How much money do you need in the bank to get residency in Spain?


As an EU resident, you must prove that you have €6,000 in your bank account and that you have a private medical policy. Alternatively, you can get a job offer in Spain and it will work as well. This is easy.

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Why do I need a tax residency certificate?

Many U.S. treaty partners require U.S. citizens and U.S. residents to provide a U.S. Residency Certificate in order to claim income tax treaty benefits, and/or certain other tax benefits, in those foreign countries. The IRS provides this residency certification on Form 6166, a letter of U.S. residency certification.

What is Spanish residencia?

Residency card. A key component of how to get spanish residency is getting your Spanish residency card (or residencia). This is the document that officially registers you as living in Spain. It is issued at the appropriate Foreigner’s Office or police station depending on where you live.

Can I be resident in Spain and pay tax in UK?

The UK has a double taxation agreement with Spain to ensure you do not pay tax on the same income in both countries. Ask the relevant tax authority your questions about double taxation relief. You should get professional advice on paying tax in Spain.

Can you have dual residency in Spain and UK?

You Can Only Be a Resident of a Single Nation

In fact, even before Brexit it wasn’t legally and officially possible to reside in both countries (though many people didn’t register as residents of Spain to enable them to do so).

Can you be resident in Spain but fiscally resident in the UK?

In addition you should pay national insurance in the UK as well. If you are spending 6 months in each country then it’s possible you may be resident in both. Even if you spend less than 183 days in either it may still be possible to be resident in both.

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