How do I register as autonomo in Barcelona?

How do you become an autonomo in Spain?

To be registered as Autonomo in Spain is to legally acknowledge that you are a freelancer, that you are self-employed or that you run an unincorporated small business. The Spanish authorities require such business entrepreneurs to register and pay taxes as well as charge IVA (VAT) to their customers.

How do you set up an autonomo?

How to set up as an autónomo in Spain

  1. Obtain a foreigner’s entity number (NIE) NIE stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjero. …
  2. Register as an autónomo with the Spanish Tax Authority. …
  3. Open a Spanish bank account. …
  4. Register with social security authority.

How much does it cost to become autonomo in Spain?

Right now, the fee is equal to 289€ per month. But don’t get scared: there are some deductions. During the first year as an autonomo you will only pay 60€ per month. And that amount will gradually rise until a total of € 289.

Can I register as autonomo online?

Registering your autónomo business for tax

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This can be done by presenting a form (Modelo 037) in person at the Tax Office, or online if you have an electronic certificate.

What are the benefits of being Autonomo in Spain?

Advantages of Being an Autonomo in Spain

  • You can start quickly and easily and contribute only a monthly investment in social security costs.
  • You can stop just as easily in case you don’t have earnings all year round, so you don’t have to pay social security when you have no income.

Do I need to register as Autonomo?

In order to join the autonomo social security system (RETA), you will need to be registered in the social security system already, but this registration process is also straightforward.

How much is self employment in Spain?

Social security rates for freelancers

As of January 2021, the general rate for self-employed professionals increased to 30.6%. This means that self-employed persons paying on the lowest base (€289 per month) will see a €3 monthly increase and the maximum (€1,233.20) will pay €12 more each month.

How do I register for tax in Spain?

To file your resident tax return in Spain for the first time, you need to register with the Agencia Tributaria, or the Spanish Tax Authority. To do this, you’ll need: Your Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE) The form Modelo 30, which registers your obligations as a resident taxpayer.

How do I stop being an Autonomo in Spain?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Stop Being Self Employed

  1. Your first step should be to inform the hacienda of your plans. …
  2. To deregister from the Hacienda, you should go to their website and look for the Modelo 037 form. …
  3. Once you have deregistered from the Hacienda you need to deregister from the social security system.
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How does self-employed tax work in Spain?

How much tax do self-employed workers pay in Spain? … Personal Income Tax (IRPF)—This is paid quarterly, once you have declared your income from your professional activity and deducted your expenses. From that amount, you’ll pay 20% personal income tax.

What visa do I need to work remotely in Spain?

The new Spanish visa for remote workers has been created for foreign employees from Non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries. People with EU passports or arriving from Schengen countries can already work remotely in the country for under 6 months of the year without needing to register officially.