How do Spanish answer the phone?

How different Spanish-speaking countries answer the phone?

There are some differences when people answer the phone in different Spanish-speaking countries. For example, in Uruguay and Argentina they say hola, in Spain it’s dígame or diga, in Cuba, besides diga you can also hear oigo and in Chile and Colombia they say aló.

What is the proper way to answer the phone?

Answering Calls

  1. Try to answer the phone within three rings. …
  2. Answer with a friendly greeting. …
  3. Smile – it shows, even through the phone lines; speak in a pleasant tone of voice – the caller will appreciate it.
  4. Ask the caller for their name, even if their name is not necessary for the call.

How do you start a phone call in Spanish?

Starting the call

The first Spanish phrase to say is: “Buenos dias, habla (your name) . ” You could say, “Buenos dias, habla Señor Hill .” or “Buenos dias, habla Sandra de la compañía Swan en Denver.”

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How do you ask someone to call you back in Spanish?

How do you say “someone will call you back” in Spanish? – Alguien te devolverá la llamada.

Is Bueno a greeting?

¿Bueno? Is used as a greeting when answering the phone (primarily in Mexico). ¡Buenas! As a short form of buenos/as (días|tardes|noches) is used as greeting in some regions of Spain and Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico).

How do people in Argentina answer the phone?

Argentina: “Hola” is the most common way to answer the phone in Argentina.

What does Digame mean?

Although Digame means tell me. It literally means Hello in spain and is used when you answer the phone. Hola is the most common way to say hello because that’s what people usually say.

Is it correct to say this is she when answering the phone?

A. Your response was the correct one. “This is she” is grammatically correct. The verb “to be” acts as a linking verb, equating subject and object.

Who is supposed to say hello first on the phone?

2. Immediately introduce yourself. Upon picking up the phone, you should confirm with the person whom they have called. In personal calls, it’s sufficient to begin with a “Hello?” and let the caller introduce themselves first.

Which is grammatically correct this is she or this is her?

In English, the non-emphatic subject case is she, and all other forms (object case and emphatic form) are her. Therefore, in natural English the correct answer is “This is her.” This is how non-native speakers learn to say the sentence.

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What is read a book in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. lee un libro.