How do you make a list in a sentence in Spanish?

How do you put a list in a sentence?

The easiest way to make a list into a sentence is to add a subject and verb at the beginning. Remember that the structure should stay parallel. Also, remember to use commas between the items in the list, unless it would be confusing, in which case, you need to use semi-colons.

How do you make a To Do list in Spanish?

Yes, you can do a list to do, or a list for do even, then in my Spanish I would use Voy hacer una lista de quehaceres, Rusty’s answer are acceptable, then if you can use other kind of meaning in your own list, then you would use the list as a thing or diary to do.

What is the word for list in Spanish?

noun. (gen) lista f. (= catalogue) catálogo m.

What is the correct punctuation for a list?

There are three punctuation marks involved in making a list in a sentence: the comma, colon, and semicolon. Which you use depends on how complex your list is. If you are writing a simple list, you can just insert a comma after each item.

How do you list items?

Simple Horizontal Lists

If you are listing simple items, as above, separate each item with a comma. You should use “and” or “or” just before the last item to indicate the conclusion of the list. “And” is inclusive and means all of the items mentioned apply, whereas “or” indicates that only one of the items is relevant.

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What are the 100 most common Spanish words?

The 100 Most Common Words in Spoken Spanish

Rank Word in Spanish Meaning in English
1 que that
2 de of, from
3 no no
4 a to

What is list called in French?

liste. More French words for list. la liste noun.

Which verb is most commonly used in Spanish?

The top 12 most common Spanish verbs you’ll want to learn are:

  • Hacer = To do or make.
  • Ir = To go.
  • Venir = To come.
  • Decir = To say or tell.
  • Poder = To be able.
  • Dar = To give.
  • Ver = To see.
  • Poder = To know.