How do you say action movie in Spanish?

How do you say movie in Spanish?

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English Spanish
the movie la pelicula

How do you say this is a good movie in Spanish?

Esta película es muy buena.

How do you say enjoy the movie in Spanish?

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How to say ‘enjoy’ in Spanish: Disfrutar. Repeat after me: Disfrutar. If you want to say something like ‘I want to enjoy the movie’, you could say, “Quiero disfrutar la pelicula.” Let’s try that again: Quiero disfrutar la pelicula.

How do you say new movies in Spanish?

Similar translations for “new movie” in Spanish

  1. cine.
  2. cinta.
  3. película.
  4. de cine.
  5. peli.
  6. filme.
  7. film.

Where can I watch free movies in Spanish?

7 Best Free Places to Stream Spanish Movies Online

  • Tubi.
  • RePelis.
  • Pelis Online.
  • MegaDede.
  • InkaPelis.
  • Movidy.

How do you say I’m watching a movie in Spanish?

Estoy viendo una película sobre los pandas.

What is when is Spanish?

The answer to your question is: when – cuándo. “¿Cuándo?” is an important word to learn in Spanish.

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