How much are school fees in Spain?

Do you have to pay for school in Spain?

Schooling in Spain is state-funded and compulsory between the ages of three and sixteen. However, parents or legal guardians must pay for books, materials, and sometimes uniforms for their children.

Are public schools free in Spain?

The standard of the public school system in Spain is high. These schools are free for all children to attend, including expats, as long as they have registered on the municipal register, or Empadronamiento, at their local town hall.

Do schools in Spain speak English?

Spain has one of the largest number of foreign schools of any European country, and many Spanish seek the prestige of sending their child to an English-speaking or other foreign-language school. So in some schools, lessons may be in English but Spanish can rule in the playground.

Does Spain have free healthcare?

The Spanish National Healthcare System (“Instituto Nacional de la Salud”), founded on Spain’s General Healthcare Act of 1986, guarantees universal coverage and free healthcare access to all Spanish nationals, regardless of economic situation or participation in the social security network.

Where does Spain rank in education?

World class-education

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Spain ranks 11 in the QS 2017 Ranking of Higher Education Systems Strength.

What age can a child be left alone in Spain?

The coming of age in Spain is 18. A child can voluntarily leave home at that age.

Is home schooling legal in Spain?

Homeschooling is very common in many countries such as the UK and the USA and families choose this for many cultural, religious and logistical reasons. The topic however in Spain is quite controversial as the general consensus is that even though there are lots of families that do it, it is illegal.

Do you pay for international schools in Spain?

Spain has many entirely independent private schools which include international schools and bilingual schools. These are fee paying. International schools teach subjects in English and some take children from nursery school right up to university level, while others concentrate on primary and secondary education.

What is the best high school in Spain?

A List of The Best International Schools in Spain

  • Sotogrande International School, Sotogrande, Spain.
  • El Limonar International School Murcia, El Palmar.
  • The British School of Barcelona, Castelldefels.
  • International College Spain, Alcobendas.
  • The International School Estepona, El Paraíso.