How much is a bus ticket in Valencia?

How do you pay for the bus in Valencia?

The cards can be purchased from any Tourist Info point (Calle de la Paz, Town Hall, Joaquín Sorolla station and Valencia airport), from authorised kiosks, or online ( A tip… Download the EMT application, available for iOS and Android. It includes bus, metro, tram and bicycle information.

How do you pay for the Valencia tram?

Metro. Valencia’s metro system combines seamlessly with the tram system, accepting a single payment for 90 minutes of travel. Tickets can be purchased at the many kiosks located at all stations, in multiple languages, accepting both cash and cards.

How much is a ticket on the Valencia Metro?

Ticket prices for Valencia Metro

Zone Type Single Ticket (Billete Sencillo) Return Ticket (Billete Ida y Vuelta)
B €1.50 €2.90
C €1.50 €2.90
D €1.50 €2.90
A + B €2.10 €4.00

How do you get around Valencia?

The best way to get around Valencia is by metro, which reaches as far as the Valencia Airport (VLC) about 5 miles west of the city. Public buses help supplement the metro coverage, but these can be confusing. Instead, consider walking or renting a bike to the closest sights and activities.

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How much are trams in Valencia?

Valencia Tram Tickets

A single journey costs approximately €1.50 euros and a carnet of ten tickets (Bono-Metro) costs €8.00. Check the fares are up-to-date at the EMT VALENCIA website. You can buy the tickets from the station so be sure to have change for the ticket machine.

Does Valencia have a subway?

Valencia’s metro system has six lines and covers most of the city. It is worth having a look at the metro map prior to your visit and checking out the closest metro to your accommodation. … This page will provide you with the official Valencia metro map.

What is a Mobilis card Valencia?

The Móbilis card ( Tarjeta Móbilis ) is a unique personalised card which you can use for the metro, bus and valenbisi. In other words: it’s the only rechargable card for all public transport in Valencia. … You can buy a travel card or Móbilis clock at the metro stations, tobacconists and newsagents.

Is metro in Valencia 24 hours?

Opening Hours. From 04.00am to 11.00pm on weekdays, and from 05.00am to 00.30am on weekends. Services run around every 10 minutes, though frequency varies according to line.

Can you walk around Valencia?

Whether you have walked through it a thousand times or for the first time, the centre of Valencia has so much cultural heritage that you will be surprised, and much of it is in its streets and in front of its buildings, waiting for you to notice and discover it.

Does Valencia have a metro system?

The Metro Valencia consists of five lines (from which one is a tramway to the beach) and connects the suburbs with the city. As of June 2013, the one-way fare for one zone is €1.50. This metro system is not extensive, but can get you to major points within the city. …

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