How much is amber leaf tobacco in Spain?

How much is a pack of Amber Leaf in Spain?


Product Quantity Price €
Amber Leaf 10 Pouches x 50 grms 87.50 €
Amphora Full 5 Pouches x 50 grms 24.00 €
Amsterdamer 10 Pouches x 40 grms 30.00 €
Barlovento Brevas espec. 25 Cigars 12.50 €

What’s the price of tobacco in Spain?

Average price of different cigarettes in Spain

Cigarette Brand Cigarettes price in Spain
Chesterfield 4,65 euros
Dunhill 5,60 euros
Fortuna 4,40 euros
Gauloises 4,80 euros

What country is tobacco cheapest?

Cost of living > Prices at markets > Cigarettes > Pack of Marlboro: Countries Compared

1 Burundi $18.03
2 Australia $16.08
3 Norway $15.17
4 New Zealand $15.05

How much is amber leaf tobacco in Tenerife?

how much is amber leaf tobacco. Amber is around €74.90 for 10 X 50gm.

How much is a 50g of Amber Leaf in Spain?

How much is a 50g pouch of Amber Leaf in Spain? Cheaper in resort itself and around 87 or 88 euros for 10 packs. 174 Euros for 20 pouches (50g) which included a free bottle of whisky or vodka.

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Where is the cheapest place to buy tobacco Europe?

At €11 for a packet, Ireland is the second dearest country in Europe to purchase cigarettes – with Norway being the highest at €12.

Revealed: The countries where you can get cigarettes for less than €1.

Country Price
Spain €4.91
Greece €3.96
Poland €3.56
Croatia €3.38

How much tobacco can I bring to UK from Spain?

Tobacco allowance

You can bring in one from the following: 200 cigarettes. 100 cigarillos. 50 cigars.

How much rolling tobacco can I bring back from Spain?

Customs checks

Type of goods Amount
Cigarettes 800
Cigars 200
Cigarillos 400
Tobacco 1kg

Is tobacco cheap in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote and the Canary Islands enjoy a unique Duty Free tax status within the European Union. As a result, items such as alcohol, tobacco and perfume are considerably cheaper here than in mainland Spain or the rest of Europe.

Which country smokes the most?

Kiribati has the highest smoking rates in the world at 52.40%. As with many other countries, smoking is lower among women than it is among men. More than 200 people die in Kiribati each year from tobacco-related causes.

Is tobacco cheap in Greece?

Greece has one of the highest rates of smoking in the world. … A pack of cigarettes in Greece is among the cheapest in the European Union.