Is Valencia good for a city break?

Is Valencia a walkable city?

Valencia is a Dream for Walkers and Cyclists. U.S. based gives Valencia a near perfect Walk Score for almost every area of the city.

Is Valencia safe city?

Valencia is overall a safe city to visit and even live in. Violence and crime is very rare here. You shouldn´t have more problems than you would in any other city. The only precautions are ones you should follow when traveling anywhere in the world.

Is 3 days enough in Valencia?

3 days in Valencia

You can visit Valencia in three days! Follow us! If you only have three days in which to visit València, you can take a basic tour without missing any of the most important sights. We’ll tell you where to go, so you can get the most out of your visit.

Why is Valencia so cheap?

Prices are so low because Valencia has been hit by Spain’s deepest economic downturn for half a century, which has deterred buyers despite publicity over the Grand Prix and the America’s Cup.

Is Seville or Valencia better?

Many travelers prefer Seville which they feel is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, charged with history and culture. Valencia, on the other hand, is a better choice for beach lovers and nightclubbers. … Valencia also gets hot in August but not as much, has cooler evenings and beaches for cooling down.

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How many days do I need in Valencia?

With four to five days you can really enjoy the city. After seeing the sights, spend a day or two lazing on Valencia’s wide and inviting beaches. The city’s efficient metro train will take you to the La Marina station, which allows easy access to the many sections of the beach, like Playa de la Malvarossa.

Can you swim in the sea in Valencia?

València’s beaches: within the city limits or wild, the choice is yours! If you like golden sands by the sea. … Or if you like to exercise, swim or do any kind of sport on sand, on water or in the air… then your place in the world is the beaches of Valencia.

Is it safe to walk in Valencia at night?

You should use your common sense, and be careful at night, avoid deserted and poorly lit streets, and finding yourself alone with strange people in abandoned areas. Apart from that, you should have no safety problems in Valencia.

Is Valencia tap water safe to drink?

But yes, you can drink the tap water in Valencia. It’s actually more mineral rich (calcium, magnesium and potassium) than most bottled water. Furthermore, water quality data is continuously reported to the Spanish government and the EU and adheres to strict standards.

Is Valencia beach safe?

Valencia is a very safe city and you are unlikely to have any problems. There’s a small amount of pickpocketing at major fiestas. Theft of unattended belongings at the beach in summer sometimes occurs. Don’t leave your bike unlocked.

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