Question: Can I use my blue disabled badge in Spain after Brexit?

Can I still use my Blue Badge in Spain after Brexit?

You can use your UK Blue Badge when travelling in some European Union ( EU ) countries, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. … Parking concessions vary in each country.

Can I use my Blue Badge abroad after Brexit?

The Blue Badge parking scheme was first launched in 1970. It is an EU wide scheme and there is a reciprocal arrangement with all EU countries so that disabled drivers can use their permit to park when they travel abroad.

Is Blue Badge valid in Spain?

If you have a blue disabled badge from another EU country, this will be valid in Spain and other EU and EEA countries if you are travelling. This will entitle you to park in designated parking spaces where available.

Can you use UK disabled badge in Spain?

Disabled parking badges showing the name of the holder which have been issued by another EU country can be used in Spain until they expire. It has not been officially confirmed yet if badges issued in the UK will continue to be accepted throughout Spain now Britain has left the EU.

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Is Blue Badge valid in Europe?

The Blue Badge is recognised across Europe, so you benefit from the same parking rights as anyone else with a disability in whichever country you’re in. Rights do vary, so you’ll want to check where, when and for how long you can park with your Blue Badge.

Can a carer use a Blue Badge?

If you have disabilities or are a carer you may be entitled to free or discounted travel on public transport. If you are a driver you may be entitled to an exemption from paying road tax, and to a blue badge which gives you parking concessions.

Is EU Blue Badge valid in UK?

Disabled blue badges are a European scheme. The system allows people with a British blue badge to park in disabled people’s parking spaces around the EU and holders of similar ‘EU disability parking cards’ can park in the UK.

Can I use my UK Blue Badge in Cyprus?

You can use your UK Blue Badge when travelling in some EU countries, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. … The UK Blue Badge is recognised in Cyprus.

Is disabled parking free in France?

Parking on roads is free and normally without time restrictions for disabled drivers. If there is a time restriction, it can’t be less than 12 hours. Disabled drivers may have to pay the parking if the entrance and exit have ticket machines easy reachable from the car window.

How do I get a disabled parking badge in Spain?

Firstly, to apply for a blue parking badge in Spain you must be a Spanish resident and possess a valid residency certificate, passport and be registered as an inhabitant of the village where you live (padrón). Secondly, you will need your doctors and specialist notes describing your illness or disability.

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How do I apply for disability in Spain?

To be able to make use of services or benefits available in Spain, you´ll have to have your disability assessed through the Spanish Social Security system. First port of call would be your GP and a visit to Social Services in your Town to help you with the forms and explain the procedure.

Can you use your Blue Badge in Tenerife?

Can I use my UK Blue Badge in Tenerife? Blue Badges are now European badges and are recognised in Spain and the Canary Islands and it enables you to have the same parking rights as any Spanish citizen with disability.