Question: Do UK light fittings work in Spain?

Can I use UK light fittings in Spain?

Most appliances you buy in the UK or in Spain are rated between 220-240v so should work equally well in either country. … In cases like these the plug can only be inserted one way, just like the UK.

Do American light fittings work in UK?

You will have to fit UK 240V light bulbs instead – they are available with Edison Screw fitting (marked ES or E27). Fitting won’t conform to UK standards. This shouldn’t be an issue, legally, as you are not reselling them.

Can a UK electrician work in Spain?

A British electrician is highly unlikely to be qualified and recognised as being authorised to work in Spain. You might find one who works for and in association with a Spanish qualified electrician. Avoid “Fred the Sparks” who was recommended to you by someone you met in the local bar.

Can I use UK electrical appliances in Europe?

Can you use UK electrical appliances safely? Yes, but you must consider the type of socket, the voltage and the frequency of the electricity supply used in the country you are visiting. … For travellers to Europe only the socket type needs to be considered as the voltage and frequency are the same as the UK.

Will a European light fixture work in the US?

The European equivalents are E27 and E14 bulb sockets. You can fit an E26 (US) bulb in an E27 bulb socket, so you will be able to use an American E26 bulb with without much problem if you have a European E27 bulb socket.

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