Quick Answer: Is vosotros and Vosotras used in Spain?

Are Vosotros and Vosotras used in Spain?

These are primarily used in Spain to address more than one person in an informal way. The endings of these words indicate whether we are addressing a group of men or women: vosotros is used for men, and vosotras for women.

What country uses Vosotros and Vosotras?

Why do people in Spain use vosotros/vosotras? SpanishDict Answers.

Is Vosotros formal or informal in Spain?

Vosotros (You all, plural and informal): Vosotros sois mis mejores amigos (You all are my best friends). Think about it this way, “Usted” and its plural “ustedes” are formal. “Tú”, and its plural “vosotros” are informal. Vosotros is the informal “you all” in Spain.

What is the difference between Vosotros and Vosotras in Spanish?

“Vosotros” is a pronoun which is often translated as “you“, and “vosotras” is a pronoun which is also often translated as “you”.

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Do they say ustedes in Spain?

In Spain, usted (singular) and ustedes (plural) are used as well. … In other Spanish-speaking countries, however, vosotros is never (or rarely) used. So, even in casual situations where, in Spain, this form is present, other countries still opt to use ustedes for plural “you” communication.

Why is Vosotros only used in Spain?

i remember when i studied basic Spanish, Vosotros is the plural form for “You” categorized as Informal You. The formal form(plural) is Ustedes. This is the reason why “vosotros” is only used in Espania. The people in Spain know when to use the formal and informal You in their country.

How do you say you eat formal in Spanish comer to eat?

Conjugating the Spanish Verb Comer (to Eat)

Conjugation Translation
tú comiste You (informal) ate
él/ella/ello/uno comió He/she/one ate
usted comió You (formal) ate
nosotros comimos We ate

What is plural you in Spanish?

Ustedes. Ustedes (often abbreviated Uds.) is used to address two or more people and can be formal or informal. Since most Latin American countries do not use vosotros, ustedes is used for all forms of plural address in this region.

What is second person plural in Spanish?

second person, plural, informal: vosotros. ustedes. second person, plural, formal: ustedes.

What is the difference between vosotros and ustedes in Spain?

Spain uses the second-person plural “vosotros” (you all) whereas most of Latin America uses the second-person plural “ustedes” to mean “you all.”

Is Vosotros informal?

The pronoun vosotros (bvoh-soh-trohs) (plural you) is used in spoken Spanish in Spain only. Spaniards use vosotros to informally address a group of people. … In Latin America, you hear ustedes; there’s no distinction between formal and informal in the plural you.

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Is TÚ formal or informal?

There are two ways of saying “you” in Spanish: usted and tú. Many Spanish teachers will tell you that usted is used in formal situations, while tú is informal.

Is Vosotros in second person?

↗ They (f.) o yo is first person singular. o tú is second person singular. o él, ella and usted are all third person singular. o nosotros is first person plural. o vosotros is second person plural (only used in Spain). o ellos, ellas and ustedes are third person plural.

How do you use tu and usted in Spanish?

This is the general rule:

  1. Use tú for informal situations such as with friends, children, young people, people you know very well.
  2. Use usted (Ud.) for formal situations such as in a job interview, in a bank, with elderly people, with someone you don’t know or somone you have just met.

What are the two verbs to be in Spanish?

There are two verbs for ‘to be’ in Spanish, ser and estar , and they are used in different ways.