Quick Answer: What is the Spanish word for H?

What letter starts with the letter H in Spanish?

The Spanish Alphabet

Letter Spanish English
f efe ay-fay
g ge hay
h hache ah-chay
i i ee

Why is the letter H in Spanish?

The silent, leading h exists for etymological reasons. As Vulgar Latin developed into Castilian, many (but not all) *f*s at the beginnings of words began to be pronounced as, and spelled with, h. Eventually, the sound represented by h was lost, but it remained in the spelling of words.

What is a Spanish word that starts with P?

Study Spanish Cognates: Letter P

  • Pacific-Pacifico. pacify-pacificar. pact-pacto. page-página. pain-pena. paint-pintura. …
  • palace-palacio. pallid-pálido. palm-palma. palpitating-palpitante. panic-pánico. paper-papel. …
  • parallel-paralelo. paralyze-paralizar. parameter-parámetro. parametric curve-curva paramétrica. pardon-perdón.

What words start with G in Spanish?

5-letter words

Spanish Pronunciation English
Galán gah-lahn Heartthrob
Gallo gah-yoh Rooster
Ganar gah-nahr To win
Ganga gahn-gah Bargain

Is J pronounced in Spanish?

The letter J sounds like the HARD G in Spanish (the sound is similar to the English H but raspier). You can produce the sound anywhere in between numbers 8 and 9 on the image below.

Is J pronounced h in Spanish?

Most conventional rules say that Spanish J is pronounced as H.

Why do you not pronounce the h in Spanish?

Etymology. … For reasons of etymology (word history) only. Just as the “k” in the English “know” and the “b” in “lamb” used to be audible, the Spanish h used to be pronounced ages ago. Almost all Spanish consonants have become softer over the years; the h became so soft as to become inaudible.

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