What does Galocha mean in Spanish?

What does Bajo mean?

under, low, below.

What does makito mean in Spanish?

1. ( colloquial) (poorly) sick.

What does Ikey mean in Spanish?

ikey (plural ikeys) (slang, derogatory) A Jew.

What does Allegria mean in Spanish?

History and Etymology for alegria

Mexican Spanish alegría, from Spanish, happiness, gaiety, from alegre happy, gay, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin alecrus.

Whats Viejo mean?

old people, old folks.

What’s a Gordo?

Gordo means fat, overweight or plump so the lottery would be translated as the Fat One.

What is Supercilous?

: coolly and patronizingly haughty reacted to their breach of etiquette with a supercilious smile.

What does IKKY?

ick·i·er, ick·i·est Informal. 1. Disagreeably sticky: icky candy. 2. Offensive; distasteful: icky sentimentality.

What does Aki mean in English?

(¿Que Significa AKI?)

AKI means “aqui.” (“Aqui” means “here” in English.) When messaging, Spanish speakers often use the letter K for QU.

Is Alegria masculine or feminine?

feminine noun. ¡qué alegría verte por aquí! — it’s great to see you!

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