What does Malo mean in Spanish slang?

What do Malo mean?

bad; wicked, naughty; cheap, poor (quality); harmful; unwell.

Where does the word Malo come from?

Spanish: nickname for an unpleasant individual, from Spanish malo ‘bad’, ‘evil’ (Latin malus).

How do you use Malo?

“Malo” is the adjective (describing word) which normally means “bad” but can also mean “ill”, “poor”, “wrong”. It also has a feminine form, “mala” as well as plural forms, “malos” and “malas”. Look at these examples: Empecé a leer un libro tan malo que no podía terminarlo.

What is mucho malo?

very bad. More meanings for muy malo. so bad.

Is Malo a Samoan?

This is a colloquial greeting. While ‘talofa’ is ‘hello’, ‘malo’ is ‘hi’ or ‘g’day‘. The response to this is ‘malo lava’. Some more Samoan ‘M-words’ below…

Is Malo a French name?

The French name Malo is of Breton origin. It was the name of a 6th-century Welsh saint, who founded the monastic settlement of Saint-Malo. Besides, Malo is a Bosnian name.

How do you spell mean in Spanish?

How to Say to Be Mean in Spanish. If you want to express that someone is mean, or, “to be mean” in Spanish, there are two phrases you can use. The first is “ser malo” and the second is “ser mezquino.” In English, they both translate to someone being mean or nasty.

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What does RICO mean in English?

rico adjetivo

rich, wealthy; fertile; luxurious, valuable; delicious; adorable, lovely; great, wonderful.

Does Malo mean bad?

MALO is an adjective, MAL is an adverb. BAD. people, things, situations: bad quality, or bad for your health or well-being.

Is Malo a bad word?

‘Malo’ is an adjective. It describes nouns. Depending on the context, it could mean ‘bad’, ‘wicked’, ‘evil’ or ‘mean’. … Additionally, we included some examples, phrase structures and contexts where you can use these words.

What is the opposite of Malo in Spanish?

The opposite of malo (‘bad’) is bueno (‘good’), which is pronounced /BWEH-noh/.