What does Poos mean in Spanish?

How do you say poop in Spanish medical?

How do you say “poop” in Spanish? – “Caca” or “popó.”¿Cómo se dice “poop” en español?

Is poop in Spanish a bad word?

Word “Caca” means basically “excrement” in many languages (French, Catalan, Italian [cacca], and others). In Spanish, it’s used as a family or childish way to say shit, crap, excrement, feces.

What does chabala mean in Spanish?

girl, gal, cutie, lass, wench. More Spanish Translations. chaval. chaval. chava.

How do Puerto Ricans say poop?

Come Mierda

Okay, actually you replace “poop” with the curse word that means “poop”. But if you are Puerto Rican, then this phrase refers to someone who is a snob or stuck up.

How do you say poop in Mexico?

Popó – caca – heces – excremento.

Is poop a swear word?

It’s probably a bad word because poop is generally considered pretty disgusting.

What does the name Chavalah mean?

Variant Jewish name form of Eve meaning “Life; Gives life; the living” Add to favourite.

What is chavas?

‘Chava’ is a slang word that Mexican speakers use to call a young woman. As a result, this word means ‘girl’. In Spanish speaking countries, it’s the nickname for Salvador.

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What does Chavela mean?

Also slang for “young girl.” My comment: Chavella/Chavela was a woman’s name who worked with my sister.

How do Puerto Ricans swear?

In this post I will teach you some useful Puerto Rican profanities, with a twist.

Puerto Rican Spanish Slang Cuss Words And Phrases (plus video with pronunciation)

  1. ☠¡Qué jodienda! …
  2. ☠¡Me cago en ná! …
  3. ☠¡Maldita sea la madre que te parió! …
  4. ☠¡Vete pa’l carajo! …
  5. ☠¡Coño! …
  6. ☠¡Mierda!

What is a Boricua Morena?

dark-skinned Puerto Rican woman.