What does SAD mean in Spanish football?

Where is Alves in Spain?

Deportivo Alavés, S.A.D. (Spanish pronunciation: [depoɾˈtiβo alaˈβes]; Sporting Alavés), usually abbreviated to Alavés, is a Spanish football club based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

What does racing mean in Racing Santander?

What does “racing” mean? … If the first sport the club competed in was racing, people would call it a “racing club.” If the first sport the team competed in was soccer, people called it a “football club” or FC. After that, several teams took on the “Racing” name, just because it sounded fast and flashy.

What does Alves mean?

The surname Alves is patronymic, that is, it is a surname derived from the first name of a male relative. In this case, the surname is derived from the Portuguese/Spanish first name Alvaro, which is ultimately from the Germanic (Visigoth) words “all,” meaning all and “wer,” meaning true.

Why are French clubs called racing?

After a call was made to give the new club “an original, distinctive and appealing” name, one of those present, Germán Vidaillac, showed his fellow officials a French automobile magazine called Racing. There and then, the decision was taken to go with this name, and Racing Club was founded.

Why are Spanish clubs called racing?

The story there is that the two clubs that merged to form Racing Club de Avellaneda adopted tbe “Racing” name from a French auto racing magazine owned by Germán Vidaillac, a French owner of the newly established club: an Argentine Team, with an English name from a French magazine.

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What league is Santander racing?

Racing de Santander

Full name Real Racing Club de Santander, S.A.D.
League 1ª RFEF – Group 1
2020–21 2ª B – Group 2 (A), 4th of 11 2ª B – Group 2 (D), 2nd of 6
Website Club website
Home colours Away colours Third colours