What is a Spanish Salero?

What were the three main motivating factors for Spanish to begin colonization?

What stripping means in Spanish?

1. (= undress) desnudarse. to strip naked or to the skin quitarse toda la ropa.

What is a Spanish Colador?

1. ( culinary) colander (bigger, for washing or draining) Les quitamos el agua a las verduras con un colador. We strained the vegetables with a colander.

What is a Spanish Nombramiento?

noun. act of appointing; designation of a person to hold an office.

What is a Spanish semestre?

semester; a half year; half a year.

How do you make coffee in a Colador?

You put a heaping tablespoon of coffee (one for each cup) into the colador, gradually letting it drip into the jar. Then steam whole milk in a small saucepan on the stove; never allow it to boil, and remove it from the stove when it becomes frothy. Pour the milk into your coffee and add sugar.

How do you say Coladera in English?


  1. colador colander, strainer.
  2. America sewer drain.

What tarea means?

tarea noun. homework, task, job, assignment, labor.

What is the meaning of semester in college?

1 : either of the two usually 18-week periods of instruction into which an academic year is often divided. 2 : a period of six months. Other Words from semester Example Sentences Learn More About semester.

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