What is another word for jeans in Spanish?

What jeans means in Spanish?

jeans. More meanings for jeans. jeans noun. pantalones vaqueros, vaqueros, tejanos, pantalones de mezclilla.

What is another word for pants in Spanish?

3 Translation results for pants in Spanish

pantalón, pantalones; (británico) ropa interior (bragas, calzoncillos, etc.)

Is jeans in Spanish singular or plural?

Jeans are plural, so it needs to be gustan. It accepts vaqueros. They didn’t forget. Gene’s is a long word in Spanish and in many places more common than vaqueros.

Is jeans in Spanish masculine or feminine?

The gender of vaqueros is masculine (plural). E.g. los vaqueros.

What does Mahones mean in Spanish?

in Puerto Rico “mahones” are. en Puerto Rico “mahones” son.

Is Jean a Spanish name?

On the European continent and in all French-speaking countries, Jean is a male name derived from the Old French Jehan (or Jahan). The female equivalent is Jeanne (French: [ʒan]) and derives from the Old French Jehanne.

Is pants feminine or masculine?

The word for ”pants” in French, pantalon, is a masculine noun.

How do you say pants in Mexico?

in Mexico they are referred to just as “pants”. If you want to say pants other than sportswear, you’d say “pantalones”.

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Is blue jeans masculine or feminine?

Blue Jeans is a fragrance one always goes back to. A classic masculine fragrance with woodsy, citrusy notes with a spicy heart and a warm drydown. Top notes are composed of bergamot, lemon, anise, basil and palisander tree.

Is calcetines masculine or feminine?

calcetines cortos {masculine}

How do you say t shirt in Peruvian?

Over in Bolivia and Chile, they will call it Polera. Then in Peru, it is known as Polo. On the island of Cuba, it is called Pulóver. Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay use the word Remera.