What is some in Spanish plural?

How do you use some in Spanish?

If you’d like to say the word “some” in Spanish, you’d generally use either the pronoun “algunos” (masculine) or “algunas” (feminine).

What is you all plural in Spanish?

However, in Spanish a plural subject pronoun exists to say “you-all”. The subject pronoun for this is vosotros or ustedes. o It is important to note that the pronoun vosotros is only used in Spain. Other Spanish-speaking countries prefer ustedes.

Is it Los Mesas or Las Mesas?

For singular/feminine we use: La mesa. For masculine plural we use: Los carros. For plural feminine we use: Las mesas.

What does some means in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. algunos. More Spanish words for some. algunos pronoun. few.

Can you be plural?

Semantically, you is both singular and plural, though syntactically it is always plural: it always takes a verb form that originally marked the word as plural, (i.e. you are, in common with we are and they are).

What are the 4 Spanish definite articles?

In English, there is only one definite article: the. In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las.

What Misa mean in English?

worship, the ~ Noun. mass, the ~ Noun. Mass, the ~ Noun. service, the ~ Noun.

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What is the plural form of El pie?

Meanings of “plural of pie” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

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1 Common pies [m/pl]