What is the average rainfall in Spain in inches?

What is the average rainfall in inches?

For the entire United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the average amount of moisture falling as rain and snow is 30.21 inches (767 millimetres).

What is the average rainfall in Spain 2020?

For instance, March, which up to 2020 featured an average of approximately 91.5 millimeters of rain, registered a record amount of 163 millimeters in 2018.

Average monthly rainfall in Spain as of 2020 (in millimeters)

Characteristic Rainfall in millimeters

How many inches of rain does Spain get a year?

Annual rainfall is higher than in the eastern and southern regions, usually ranging from 800 to 2,000 mm (31.5 to 78.7 in).

Where is the most rainfall in Spain?

Grazalema has the highest rainfall records in Spain’.

What part of Spain gets the most rainfall?

Spain’s Rainiest Cities

  • In the province of Guipúzcoa is the city of San Sebastián, which holds the title of being the city where it rains most days a year. …
  • Other of the rainiest areas in Spain are the Sierra de Gredos and the Cantabrian Mountains as well as the villages in the High Pyrenees of Navarre.

Where is it cold in Spain?

The Sierra de Albarracín has the town of Griegos, famous for being one of the coldest towns in Spain. Summer days in the area are hot, but as the afternoon winds down, winter clothing could be necessary. From June to August low temperatures can range from 12ºC to 14ºC, although there are warmer nights as well.

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