What is the meaning of the Spanish word algo?

What type of word is algo?


Algo can act as a noun, an adverb and a pronoun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality.

What does Cachina mean in Spanish?

cachina [f] PE. inexpensive sweet wine made from fermented grape juice.

What is the meaning of llegar?

What do I mean? Well, “llegar” means to arrive, you can, therefore, use it when literally arriving at a destination or at a given time. But, you can also use “llegar” when arriving at a conclusion, an agreement, a deal or to become something.

How do you use the word algo in Spanish?

Podemos beber algo de bebidas del frigorífico. We can have some drinks from the fridge.

Some important points about Algo de:

  1. Algo de is invariable.
  2. It does not agree in gender with the noun it refers to.
  3. It is always used in the neutral form “algo”.
  4. Do not use it with plural nouns, only with singular nouns.

Where does algo go in a sentence?

You’ll have to flip between the words in each pair as you go between positive and negative sentences in Spanish.

The main affirmative and negative words in Spanish: A quick reference.

Positivo Negativo
Algo Nada
Alguien Nadie
Alguno Ninguno
Y, o Ni

Does algo mean anything?

We use the indefinite pronoun algo to say something or anything in affirmative and interrogative statements.

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What does Algophobia mean?

Medical Definition of algophobia

: morbid fear of pain.