What is the meaning of the Spanish word Finca?

What does Finca mean in Spanish slang?

noun, plural fin·cas [fing-kuhz; Spanish feeng-kahs]. a ranch or large farm in a Spanish-speaking country, especially a plantation in tropical Spanish America.

Where does the word Finca come from?

1980-1990: The Dawn of Microfinance

Hatch establishes FINCA, an acronym that stands for “Foundation for International Community Assistance.”

What is a thinker in Spain?

pensador (pensadora) m/f.

What is a Spanish thinker House?

In Spain, a Finca refers to a type of property built on rural or rustic land instead of urban land. … Despite being originally constructed for agricultural use, nowadays a Finca will often be used for recreational purposes.

What does finka mean in Russian?

The term Finka (Russian: Финка) refers to a type of knife, specifically Finnish ones.

What is a Finker?

1 : one who is disapproved of or is held in contempt. 2 : strikebreaker. 3 : informer sense 2.

Is Finca a Scrabble word?

Yes, finca is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does mi reina?

1. ( colloquial) (general) my princess (colloquial)

What happened Finca?

Since appearing on the show, Finca secured a residency in Manchester-based restaurant Artisan, however the venue is now in administration. Finca continues to host a series of pop-ups, with events in Liverpool taking place in late January and plans to open a permanent site this year.

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What is a finca in Colombia?

Finca is the Spanish word for a vacation home. And, it actually refers to a piece of land usually located outside of the city, in layman’s terms, villas. The owners of these fincas are wealthy Colombians that rent them out.

Is Spain a kingdom?

Spain is a secular parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with King Felipe VI as head of state.


Kingdom of Spain Reino de España (Spanish) show 4 other names
Demonym(s) Spanish Spaniard
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King Felipe VI