What is the opposite of Mucho in Spanish?

What’s the difference between Mucho and Mucha?

So “mucho gusto” equals “un gran placer” or, as you say in English, “a great pleasure”. Answering your question, there’s no difference between “mucho” and “muchas” beyond the use of the masculine/feminine and singular/plural to match the noun it affects (“gusto” or “gracias”).

What is another word for mucho Spanish?

What is another word for mucho?

abundant overflowing
rife teeming
abounding aplenty
heavy innumerable
luxuriant myriad

Is Mucho feminine or masculine?

Mucho + [masculine singular noun] = a lot of / much [masculine singular noun] Tenemos mucho trabajo.

What’s the opposite of Derecho?

The word derecho refers to a powerful, widespread, straight-line windstorm. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What is the opposite of Guapo in Spanish?

Guapo refers to the Spanish adjective meaning handsome or good-looking. As a Spanish word, it has no antonyms in English, but one could use the Spanish antonym “feo.

What is the opposite of Generosa?

The opposite of “generoso” is “tacaño” or “avaro”.

What do un poco mean?

adverb. some [adverb] (American) somewhat; to a certain extent. somewhat [adverb] rather; a little.

Do you say Mucho gusto to a woman?

Mucho gusto means Pleased to meet you. or It is a pleasure to meet you. It does not change with gender. Gusto is a masculine noun, not an adjective, so it is not conjugated for gender.

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Where do you put mucho?

Regards. If you use “mucho”, it must go after the verb, because it expresses how much you enjoyed.