What is the Spanish word that means the eve of Three Kings?

Is a Spanish word meaning the eve of Three Kings?

In some countries, a special celebration of the nativity is held on January 5, the Eve of Three Kings Day. This day is also referred to as La Vispera de Reyes.

How do you say Happy Three Kings Day in Spanish?

Felice Navidad is likely the most common greeting, but since children receive their gifts on Three Kings Day , that has its own greeting.

What countries celebrate 3 Kings day?

From Spain and France to Chile and Mexico, millions of people celebrate the three Kings Day with a variety of traditions, rituals and symbols, marking the end of the “12 Days of Christmas.” Across Latin America and Europe this day will be filled with festivities, parades, dancing, costumes, and floats some of which …

What is the difference between Three Kings Day and Christmas?

El Día de Reyes is celebrating the three kings that visited baby Jesus while Christmas is celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

What is the Spanish name for Day of the children?

El Día de los Niños (Children’s Day) is a celebration of children that takes place annually on April 30 in Mexico. The celebration emphasizes the importance of literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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What is the greeting for Epiphany in Spanish?

feliz dia de reyes – happy epiphany written in Spanish.