What tense is going to in Spanish?

What do you call the verb tense that means is going to in Spanish?

Quick Answer. The informal future, also called the periphrastic future (el futuro perifrástico. ), is formed with the verb ir. (to go).

What is the Spanish verb to go?

Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Ir (to Go)

Conjugation Translation
yo voy I go
tú vas You (informal) go
él/ella/ello/uno va He/she/one goes
usted va You (formal) go

What is the immediate future in Spanish?

The immediate future tense is the most common way of talking about future plans. It is formed with the present tense of ir (to go), followed by a + the infinitive . (yo)voy + a + infinitive (eg salir) (él/ella/usted)va + a + infinitive (eg vivir)

What are the two future tenses in Spanish?

Future Tense Spanish: 3 Ways To Speak About The Future

  • Simple Future (I will visit my grandparents)
  • Ir a + Infinitive Verb (I’m going to visit my grandparents)
  • Future Perfect (I will have visited my grandparents)

Can I go to the bathroom on Spanish?

¿Puedo ir al baño? – May I go to the bathroom? In Spanish, ‘¿puedo ir al baño? ‘ is a common and appropriate expression that people use when asking permission to go to the bathroom.

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How do you conjugate hacer?

Good news: Hacer conjugates regularly in the imperfect form.

Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Hacer (to Do/Make)

Conjugation Translation
usted hace You (formal) do
nosotros hacemos We do
vosotros hacéis You all (informal) do
ellos/ellas hacen They do

What are the 3 steps to conjugate a regular verb in Spanish?

1 Answer

  • separate the ar/er/ir ending from the verb infinitive leaving the verb stem.
  • make any necessary stem changes if the verb is stem changing or irregular.
  • add the appropriate verb ending to the stem according to the person of the subject of the verb. ( assuming present tense, indicative mood)

What is subjunctive used for in Spanish?

El presente de subjuntivo (Spanish present subjunctive) can be better defined as a grammatical mood rather than a proper tense and is used in Spanish to express personal opinions, unreal or hypothetical wishes, doubts, commands or feelings in the present or the future.

What are the 3 go verbs in Spanish?

9 Most Common Go Verbs

  • Decir – to say – digo.
  • Hacer – to do, to make – hago.
  • Poner – to put – pongo.
  • Salir – to leave, to go out – salgo.
  • Tener – to have – tengo.
  • Venir – to come – vengo.
  • Caer – to fall – caigo.
  • Traer – to bring – traigo.

Is IR and Vamos the same?

The first ir can either set up the future or, thanks to being specifically the form vamos (a shortened form of vayamos), it can also substitute as a command, equivalent to English’s “let’s…”. In either case, the second ir expresses the actual action which is to go.

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What two words are al a combination?

Al is a contraction of the two Spanish words a and el, and can mean many things, such as “at the” or “to the.”