What two things did the Spanish conquistadors have that helped them defeat the much larger Inca army?

What advantages did the Spanish conquistadors have over the Inca?

The advantage the Spanish had was that the Spanish had guns, better swords, and horses and the germs. The Incas would suspect an attack during the night but since the Spanish saw guards the Spanish planned to attack during the day, which has worked better then night attacks in the past.

What strategy did Spanish conquistadors use to help them defeat the much larger Inca army?

How did the battle tactics used by the Spanish conquistadors help the small army defeat the Inca army that outnumbered it by the thousands? By using surprise combined with advanced weaponry, the Spanish were able to cause confusion and defeat the Inca army.

What was one thing that helped the Spanish to defeat the Aztec and Inca empires?

The Spanish had steel weapons, cannons, and horses; these advantages helped them defeat the much larger Aztec army.

What disease killed the Incas?

In addition to North America’s Native American populations, the Mayan and Incan civilizations were also nearly wiped out by smallpox. And other European diseases, such as measles and mumps, also took substantial tolls – altogether reducing some indigenous populations in the new world by 90 percent or more.

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What did the Incas not have?

Or did they? The Incas may not have bequeathed any written records, but they did have colourful knotted cords. Each of these devices was called a khipu (pronounced key-poo). We know these intricate cords to be an abacus-like system for recording numbers.

Why did the Inca lose to the Spanish?

The fall of the Incas came in part because they were at their weakest for at least a decade. Two factors had undermined their ability to fight, and one of these was civil war. … Years of war had left the Incan armies divided and weakened, and there had been no time to recover before facing the Europeans.

How were the conquistadors able to defeat the Aztecs and Incas so easily?

Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec Empire by scaring the natives with the 16 horses, gaining alliances with the other enemies of the Aztec, having superior and better weapons than the natives (like guns), having armor, and having steel.

Why did the Inca not have writing even though the Maya and Aztec did?

Why did the Inca not have writing even though the Maya and Aztecs did? Inca did not have any writing to fulfil the purpose of communication and store knowledge as Mayan and Aztec people did. Explanation: The Incan culture is one of the mysterious indigenous civilizations in South America.