What verb is used for feelings in Spanish?

Do you use subjunctive for feelings?

In essence, any personal reaction to a situation is emotional. … The focus is not on a factual observation of a situation, but how it makes the subject feel. Since how a person feels is always subjective, you use the subjunctive.

What verb do you use to describe someone’s current state or mood in Spanish?

The verb estar is one of the most useful verbs in Spanish, as it not only describes location but also physical, mental, and emotional states or feelings.

Do you use subjunctive with me molesta que?

Subjunctive is simply required by the construction “me molesta que…”, “me encanta que…”, “me enloquece que haya/cante/salte/baile/sepa/pueda…”. Maybe there is a logic. You may say that all are clauses to express subjective feelings, for example.

How do you express your feelings in Spanish?

How to Express Emotions in Spanish

  1. Estoy feliz. I’m happy.
  2. Estoy aburrida. I’m bored.
  3. Estoy emocionado. I’m excited.
  4. Estoy nerviosa. I’m nervous.
  5. ¿Cómo te sientes? How do you feel?
  6. ¡Me siento de maravilla! I feel great!
  7. Me siento animado. I feel lively.
  8. Me siento relajada. I feel relaxed.

Is es ser or estar?

First of all, let’s learn how to conjugate the verbs ser and estar in the present indicative. As you can see below, ser is an irregular verb. Let’s take a minute here to memorize it.

Ser and Estar Conjugations.

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Yo soy estoy
eres estás
Él / Ella / Usted es está
Nosotros / Nosotras somos estamos

Is estar used for location?

Although both are verbs for “to be,” estar and ser are seldom interchangeable, and that is true especially when they are used for location. Although estar typically is used to describe where a person or thing is located, when speaking of events ser must be used.

Is Preocupado ser or estar?

Estar-only Adjectives

Adjective in Spanish Adjective in English Example in English
preocupado worried Maria is worried about the exam.
asustado scared I’m scared about this situation.
enfermo sick Jose is sick.
enojado mad, angry Are you mad at me?

What is estar used for in Spanish?

Estar is used to talk about HOW something is, so we use it for conditions, locations, emotions, and actions (temporary states).