What was the goal of the Spanish Inquisition?

What was the purpose of the Spanish Inquisition quizlet?

What was the Spanish Inquisition? To purify Spain by getting rid of everyone who didn’t believe like them. Why did Ferdinand and Isabella establish the Spanish Inquisition? Jews, Muslims, non-Roman Catholic Christians, and people who were trying to bring reform to the Church.

What was the stated goal of the Inquisition?

The inquisitors were sent from Rome to fight heresy that, in the view of the Church Fathers, was defined as any distortion of the Christian faith. Their main goal was to prevent the dissemination of these ideas among additional people and to convince the heretics to return to the true Christian faith.

Who did the Spanish Inquisition target?

Who did the Spanish Inquisition target? Originally, the Inquisition was to ensure that those who had converted to Catholicism from Judaism or Islam had done so properly. This regulation intensified after two royal decrees were issued (in 1492 and 1501) ordering Jews and Muslims to choose baptism or exile.

Which best describes the outcome of the Spanish Inquisition?

What best describes the outcome of the Spanish Inquisition? Christian armies defeated Muslims and took control of Spain.

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How many were killed during the Inquisition?

Estimates of the number killed by the Spanish Inquisition, which Sixtus IV authorised in a papal bull in 1478, have ranged from 30,000 to 300,000. Some historians are convinced that millions died.

What were three main causes of the need to reform the church?

The Formation of Western Europe

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What were the three main causes of the need to reform the Church? -many village priests married and had families. such marriages were against church rulings -bishops sold positions in the church (SIMONY) -using lay investiture, kings appointed church bishops.

How did the Spanish Inquisition impact world history?

Hundreds of thousands of Spanish Jews, Muslims, and Protestants were forcibly converted, expelled from Spain, or executed. The Inquisition spread into other parts of Europe and the Americas. The power of the Spanish monarchy increased. …