Which player played for Barcelona Manchester United and Juventus?

Which footballers played for Manchester United?

Other than Charlton, Giggs and Rooney, only seven players have made more than 500 appearances for the club, including three members of the 1968 European Cup-winning team (Tony Dunne, Alex Stepney and Bill Foulkes as well as Charlton) and three members of the 1999 Treble-winning team (Denis Irwin, Gary Neville and Paul

Who has played for Juventus?

List of players

Name Nationality Juventus career
Gianluigi Buffon Italy 2001–2018 2019–2021
Antonio Cabrini Italy 1976–1989
Martín Cáceres Uruguay 2009–2010 2012–2016 2019
Umberto Caligaris Italy 1928–1935

Is Man UA a good team?

Manchester United is one of the most prestigious, respected and feared teams in world football. The club achieved such accolades by their performances on and off the pitch through the years.

Who is the best player in Juventus history?

Without further ado, here is Juventus’ All-Time XI:

  • Gianluigi Buffon. The veteran custodian narrowly beats out Dino Zoff for the starting role between the sticks. …
  • Lilian Thuram. …
  • Gaetano Scirea. …
  • Giorgio Chiellini. …
  • Antonio Cabrini. …
  • Alessandro Del Piero.

Who is current captain of Juventus?

Serie A

player Age
Cristiano Biraghi Left-Back 29
Juventus FC
Giorgio Chiellini Centre-Back 37
Paulo Dybala Second Striker 27
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