Which Spanish island is the hottest in October?

What part of Spain is hot in October?

Andalucia, the most charming region of southern Spain, promises warm sunshine throughout October with low levels of rain.

Spain – Andalucia.

Average Temperature 20-26°C
Flight Time From UK 2.5-3.5 hours

Is Tenerife hotter than Lanzarote in October?

The weather in the Canary Islands in October sees warm temperatures and bright skies across Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma. The average for these islands is 19°C, with warmer islands like the south of Lanzarote around 24°C.

Where in EU is hot in October?

Where’s hot in Europe in October

Country Destination Average highs
Cyprus Limassol 26°C
Greece Crete 24°C
Portugal Madeira 24°C
Greece Kos 25°C

How hot is Majorca in October?

The average high temperate in October is 24ºC, so pack a good selection of swimwear and beach gear. You’ll want to pack some warmer things for the evenings as it can get a bit cool, with temperatures averagely dropping to 14ºC.

How hot is Malta in October?

Malta in October is mild but a little cloudy and rainy – a mixed month for the weather but a lovely island to visit all year round. How Hot Is Malta In October? At this time of the year, the average temperature is 22°C with highs of 25°C and lows of 21°C.

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Can you get a tan in Lanzarote in October?

With an average high of 26° and a low of 18° in October – the temperatures in Lanzarote sound pretty ideal to me. … With nine hours of sunshine daily in October – you will be certain to get lots of sun-tanning hours in.

Is Portugal hot in October?

It has an average high temperature of 23ºC in October, so you’ll only need light clothes for the day. You should bring some warmer things for the evenings as, though it’s still quite pleasant, temperatures fall to 15ºC at night.

Is Crete hot in October?

October is one of the best months to visit Crete, Greece as the temperatures are not as blisteringly hot as they are in July and August. But with an average of six hours of sunshine a day, it’s still warm enough to go to the beach.