Why did Spanish landowners want to have slaves?

Why did the Spanish begin to use African slaves on their plantations in the New World?

Why did the Spanish begin to use African slaves on their plantations in the New World? They needed slaves to work in the mines and plantations after the Spanish monarchy abolished the encomienda.

Why did the Spanish choose to send voyages to the West?

Why did Columbus make more voyages to the West Indies? Spain wanted him to start a colony in the West Indies, he delivered people and animals to the new land, The Spanish wanted the riches of the land.

Which shows the groups in New Spain colonial society from most to least powerful?

5th Grade SS Chapter 4 Test Review (Snyder)

New Spain’s groups in order from most to least powerful peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, Africans, Indians.
In New Spain’s colony, Creoles were more powerful than… mestizos, Africans, & Indians
Indians in New Spain’s colony were more powerful than… no one

What were the long term consequences of Spain abolished the encomienda system?

the long term consequence of this action was that the United States once again belonged to its original inhabitants for the next 12 years. what was the long term consequence of the Spanish abolishing the encomienda system? the buying and selling of Africans for work in the americas.

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How many slaves did Spain have?

As of 1778, it was reported by Thomas Kitchin that “about 52,000 slaves” were being brought from Africa to the West Indies by Europeans, with approximately 4,000 being brought by the Spanish.

How were slaves captured in Africa?

The capture and sale of enslaved Africans

Most of the Africans who were enslaved were captured in battles or were kidnapped, though some were sold into slavery for debt or as punishment. The captives were marched to the coast, often enduring long journeys of weeks or even months, shackled to one another.

What were three outcomes of Spanish exploration?

Europeans gained new materials like gold, silver, and jewels. The Europeans enslaved the Native Americans and took most of them back to Europe. The explorers also gained new foods like corn and pineapple. Columbus also discovered tobacco seeds and brought the seeds back to Europe.

How did the Spanish treat the Native Americans?

The Spanish treated the natives very violently. They had taken natives as slaves and murdered those who were not of use.

Which group was the most powerful in the Spanish colonies?

The Peninsulares had the most power, but were a small group. The Native Americans and African slaves had the least amount of power, but had the largest population.