Why was Fort St Louis a threat to Spain group of answer choices?

Why Fort St. Louis was a threat to Spain?

It was a threat because Fort St. Louis was apparently in New Spain land. They (Spain) didn’t want the French to take over. … The Spanish used their superior weapons to establish an empire.

What did the Spanish do with Fort Saint Louis?

The drawing was made by members of the De León expedition, who discovered the ruined “fort” several months after it had been ransacked by the Karankawa Indians. The Spaniards burned the buildings and buried the cannons, intending to use them sometime in the future.

What was the effect of Fort St. Louis?

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Fort St. Louis caused what? Many deaths, Karankawa enemies, tried to stop deaths with stockades, and trades with other Native American tribes. First Europeans to explore Texas hoped to conquer the land between Florida and Texas but failed after storm.

What was the effect of Lasalle building Fort St. Louis on the coast of Texas?

René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, established a French settlement on the Texas coast in summer 1685, the result of faulty geography that caused him to believe the Mississippi River emptied into the Gulf of Mexico in the Texas coastal bend.

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What steps did Spanish officials take to stop French settlement in Texas?

To dissuade the French from returning, Spain built the presidio of San Agustín de Ahumada and the mission of Nuestra Señora de la Luz de Orcoquisac near the mouth of the Trinity at Galveston Bay. Conditions were awful at the new location, and both the presidio and the mission were closed in 1770.

What did the Spanish soldiers find when they arrived at Fort Saint Louis in 1689?

When the Spanish finally discovered the remains of the French colony at the fort in 1689, they buried the cannons and burned the buildings. Years later, Spanish authorities built a presidio at the same location. When the presidio was abandoned, the site of the French settlement was lost to history.

How did Spain react to La Salle’s expedition?

Spain learned of La Salle’s mission in 1686. Concerned that the French colony could threaten Spain’s control over New Spain and the southern part of North America, the Crown funded multiple expeditions to locate and eliminate the settlement. … Years later, Spanish authorities built a presidio at the same location.

What was the first permanent European settlement in Texas?

Ysleta pueblo originally was located on the south side of the Rio Grande, but as the river changed its course, the pueblo ended up on the north bank. Now part of El Paso, the community is considered the oldest European settlement in Texas.

Which Indian groups were responsible for the hardships at Fort St Louis?

Seven of La Salle’s men went to Canada, while others stayed in Texas. Twenty remaining colonists at Fort St. Louis survived until late 1688 or early 1689 when the Karankawa Indians attacked them. All were killed except five French children who were taken captive.

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