You asked: What is radio station in Spanish?

How do you say radio station in Spanish?

radio station n

emisora de radio nf. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla. estación de radio nf.

What is the Spanish of radio?


From To Via
• radio radiofónicaradioradiofoníaradiodifusión ↔ Rundfunk
• radio → radiofónicaradioradiofoníaradiodifusiónradiodifusora ↔ Rundfunk
• radio → radio ↔ radio
• radio → radiar ↔ rayonner

What station is Spanish music?

Spanish Hits Radio Stations:

Call Freq. Format
KDXX 107.9 Spa. Hits
KEAL 106.5 Spa. Hits
KECS 94.9 Spa. Hits
KEPD 104.9 Spa. Hits

Is radio in Spanish masculine or feminine?

Radio is a feminine word in Spanish. This means that the definite articles are la for singular and las for plural.

How do you say phone call in Spanish?

First, the phrase LLAMADAS TELEFÓNICAS or simply LLAMADAS can be used meaning phone calls in Spanish. Second, the word for phone is TELÉFONO.

Does radio have an accent in Spanish?

The word radio is divided in 2 syllables: ra-dio. The tonic syllable falls on the first syllable ra. The word radio is oxytone because the tonic syllable is the penultimate syllable. It does not have a graphic accent because it is paroxytone and ends in ‘n’, ‘s’ or vowel.

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Can Alexa play Spanish radio stations?

Your Alexa speaker can play radio stations if you enable the skill on the Alexa app. While Alexa is known for its ability to stream pre-recorded music and podcasts, the device also has access to tens of thousands of radio stations.

What radio station is Mexican music?

Regional Mexican Radio Stations:

Call Freq. Format
KAIQ 95.5 Reg. Mex.
KALN 102.5 Reg. Mex.
KAMZ 103.5 Reg. Mex.
KAPW 99.3 Reg. Mex.

Does iHeartRadio have Spanish music?

The eighth annual iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina returns on October 16th, honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with a non-stop celebration of Latin culture and music. … Join us virtually for the Latin’s biggest chart-toppers and influencers at America’s only bi-lingual, bi-cultural music event, iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina 2021.

What channel is Spanish music on XM radio?

Caliente (Ch. 158) is where music and Latin culture meet!

How many Spanish radio stations are there in LA?

SAG-AFTRA represents some 160,000 performers and broadcasters. It represents workers at 19 radio stations in Los Angeles — a total of 22 stations in California — for both music and public radio, including 102.7 KIIS-FM and KPCC.

What are the Spanish radio stations in New York?

New York

  • WSKQ-FM La Mega 97.9 HD1 (Spanish Tropical)/One Caribbean Radio 97.9 HD2 (Caribbean music)
  • WPAT-FM 93.1 Amor HD1 (Spanish Tropical)/La Nueva 93.1 HD2 (Spanish Christian music)