Your question: What did the Spanish add to the drink?

How did the Spanish people change the Aztecs chocolate drink?

Spanish acceptance of chocolate came about due to modifications made to the drink. For example, sugar was added, mirroring the native Mexican and Mayan practice of adding honey to cacao beverages.

How did the Spanish make the bitter cacao drink tastier?

So in adding pepper, anise and rose water, and thickening the drink (with nuts in place of masa ) and even in sweetening it, the Europeans were making chocolate that Montezuma would have recognized.

What did the Maya give the Aztecs as a tribute?

Tribute items typically included warrior costumes and shields, tropical feathers, copal incense, paper, foodstuffs, and animal products. Official tribute collectors, known as calpixque, were located in each of the conquered provinces and ensured that payments were made as required.

Why was chocolate only for the rich?

Only the very wealthy people in Aztec societies could afford to drink chocolate because cacao was so valuable. … He believed the chocolate drink would become popular with Spaniards. After the Spanish soldiers defeated the Aztec empire, they were able to seize the supplies of cacao and send them home.

Why did they keep chocolate a secret?

Early after its arrival, the Spanish replaced the chile with sugar and kept the cinnamon to make the bitter cacao beverage more to their liking. It was decided that the beverage tastes better warm. … The Spanish kept this secret from the rest of the world, with the hope they could keep their monopoly on the cocoa trade.

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Why is the chocolate industry bad?

Chocolate has gotten a bad rap for its environmental impacts—particularly deforestation, as farmers cut down older trees in order to clear room for cacao plants. The Ivory Coast, which is the largest exporter of cocoa at 2.2 million tons every year, has lost 80 percent of its forests in the past five decades.

Does Spain make good chocolate?

Spanish chocolate is absolutely delicious and has a long and fascinating history. And the Spanish were the first to mix the bitter cocoa with sugar, transforming a bitter Mayan drink into the sweet hot chocolate drink we know (and love) today. …