Best answer: In what way did the Spanish Reconquista?

Why did the Spanish Reconquista happen?

King Ferdinand II of Aragon, and Queen Isabella of Castile. Finally, the Reconquista was driven by a desire for land and profit. Because kings in the Middle Ages were not as strong or as wealthy as they would later become, most military actions against the Moors were privately financed.

How did Reconquista shape Spanish colonization?

The Spanish also began to exploit the land by taking many mineral resources, such as gold and silver, and bringing them back to Spain. The Reconquista allowed the Spanish to believe they should conquer more lands, convert people to Christianity, and take the mineral resources from the places they conquered.

What best summarizes what the Pope is saying?

Which best summarizes what the pope is saying? Traveling to Jerusalem is the will of God. … God will reward those who liberate Jerusalem.

Who defeated the Moors in Spain?

15. The Moors ruled and occupied Lisbon (named “Lashbuna” by the Moors) and the rest of the country until well into the twelfth century. They were finally defeated and driven out by the forces of King Alfonso Henriques.

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