Who has more El Clasico Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Who won more El Clasico Real Madrid or Barcelona?

After 119 years of playing Clasicos, making up 246 matches, the record stands: Madrid 98 wins, Barca 96.

How many El Clasico has Barcelona won?

The first ever El Clasico ended 3-1 to Barcelona in the 1902 Copa de la Coronacion. Since then, Real just shade competitive meetings, winning 97 times to Barca’s 96 along with 52 draws. Including exhibition games, there have been 278 El claiscos – Barca have won 115, Real 101, and 62 draws.

Who has most El Clasico?

Clásico debutants

The Real Madrid player with the most appearances against Barcelona, in all competitions is Sergio Ramos who has been involved in 45 Clásicos since his arrival at the Bernabéu in 2005.

Is Real Madrid more successful than Barcelona?

Los Blancos have won 34 league championships — a Spanish record — and are eight ahead of the Blaugrana.

The trophy cabinets.

Competition Real Madrid Barcelona
UEFA Super Cup 4 5
Club World Cup 4 3
Total 86 95

Is it true Barca beat Real Madrid by 15 1 in 1926?

In 1926, FC Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 15-1 on aggregate. Gabriel Germain and 1,523 others like this. Wow! This is amazing.

What is the biggest win in El Clasico?

Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Copa del Rey back on June 19, 1943 by a score of 11-1, the most lopsided victory in the matchup’s history.

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