Why should doctors know Spanish?

Do doctors need to learn Spanish?

In other words, doctors need medical Spanish in order to have better contact with their Latin American patients, to treat them correctly, and to even save their lives.

Why is it important for doctors to be bilingual?

Medical practitioners need to communicate well with patients and their family members. Physicians with good communication skills find it easier to understand questions and properly explain conditions. In today’s multicultural world, bilingual medical practitioners can help care for those who don’t speak English.

Do doctors speak Spanish?

The top languages spoken by doctors? They are Spanish (36.2%), Hindi (13.8%) and French (8.8%). Nearly half (44.7%) of all physicians who speak a non-English language graduated from a medical school outside of the United States.

What percentage of healthcare workers speak Spanish?

Yet nationwide, the proportion of physicians who identify themselves as Spanish-speaking is less than 6%.

Why is Spanish important in healthcare?

Spanish isn’t the only language that can help you expand your reach and communicate more effectively as a healthcare professional. … More so, being able to speak a patient’s native language can also mean helping their family to better understand the diagnosis and available treatment options.

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Do doctors need to be bilingual?

Many medical centers recognize the need for bilingual doctors. The fallout from language barriers between doctors and patients sometimes leads to patients getting the wrong diagnosis, treatments or medications, according to Dr.

Do doctors get paid more for being bilingual?

It Pays to Be Bilingual

In other words, bilingual medical specialists are statistically more likely to be paid far more than their monolingual colleagues. Generally, it is more cost-effective for a hospital or clinic to have bilingual staff on hand than to pay for a third-party interpreter.

Is bilingualism good or bad?

On the one side is the research that consistently shows that bilingualism is good for you. It leads to an enriched set of experiences, a new way of seeing the world, and more prosaically but no less importantly, is associated with reduced rates of dementia.

What jobs can I get Knowing Spanish?

10 Jobs That Require Your Spanish Skills

  • Teacher. You’re probably thinking “well, of course you need to speak Spanish to be a Spanish teacher.” You’re right. …
  • Interpreter/Translator. …
  • Customer Service Representative. …
  • Sales Professional. …
  • Medical Professional. …
  • Law Enforcement Professional. …
  • Social Worker. …
  • Writer.

Why is knowing Spanish Important?

By learning Spanish, you’ll be better able to communicate with Spanish speakers. Latin American countries are our most important trading partners. Being able to speak Spanish greatly enhances your resume. … Your language skills will enable you to interact with English Language Learners.