Why should nurses learn Spanish?

Why is learning Spanish important in the medical field?

Research has shown that fluent, bilingual clinicians’ direct communication with LEP patients can result in improved health-care quality and outcomes, including better patient satisfaction with care,23,24 medication adherence,25 patient understanding of diagnoses and treatment,16 outcomes for LEP patients with diabetes, …

Why is it important for a nurse to know another language?

The ability to maintain clear and consistent communication with a patient is key to providing personalized, high-quality care. … Speaking the same language as patients is imperative to ensuring that providers obtain critical information. It is as important that nurses are able to relay information back to the patient.

What language is best to learn for nursing?

The best language for nursing students ranges from Arabic to Zulu depending on location. In Minneapolis, Somali and Hmong are spoken by large populations. In California, Mandarin and Korean are more useful. Before minoring in Spanish or Sesotho, nursing students should research widely spoken languages in the area.

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Why doctors should learn Spanish?

patients with limited English speak Spanish [2], and a case could be made that all physicians in this country should learn Spanish to minimize the disparity. Language concordance between patient and physician has been shown to reduce overall cost to the patient and minimize costs to the hospital [3].

Do doctors need to learn Spanish?

In other words, doctors need medical Spanish in order to have better contact with their Latin American patients, to treat them correctly, and to even save their lives.

Is Spanish worth learning?

With more than 33 million speakers, Spanish is the second largest language in the United States. … By learning Spanish, you’ll be better able to communicate with Spanish speakers. Latin American countries are our most important trading partners. Being able to speak Spanish greatly enhances your resume.

How quickly can you learn Spanish?

The bottom line. If you start out as a beginner and spend an average of 1 hour per day working on your Spanish, you should able to reach conversational fluency within 8 – 12 months. That translates to roughly 250 – 350 hours of time spent.

Do nurses who speak Spanish get paid more?

For nurses, the mere fact that you are also able to speak Spanish will not guarantee a higher salary, but it certainly will put you in a better position to ask for one if you are working in an area where the patient base is being drawn heavily from the Hispanic community.

What city pays the most for nurses?

Top 10 highest-paying cities for Registered Nurses

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Rank City / Metro Area Average RN Salary
1 San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA $149,200
2 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA $146,870
3 Vallejo-Fairfield, CA $142,140
4 Sacramento–Roseville–Arden-Arcade, CA $134,350

Do nurses get paid more for being bilingual?

However, because of the benefits associated with having bilingual nurses on staff, many employers do recognize their value and pay a higher salary to reward employees for their language skills. … A bilingual registered nurse salary will typically be around the same range or a little higher.

What does a bilingual nurse do?

A Bilingual Nurse is in a unique position to significantly improve the quality of care patients receive due to their ability to not only assist them in the routine ways, but also to help them better understand medical terms, symptoms, and treatment options in their native tongue.

How many years of nursing do you need for Spanish?

Obtain an RN license

Science – 2-4 years (including biology and chemistry; physics and computer science are recommended) Social Studies – 3-4 years. Foreign Language – 2 years.

Do nurses have their own language?

nurses need an explicit language to better establish their standards and influence the regulations that guide their practice. A standardized nursing language should be defined so that nursing care can be communicated accurately among nurses and other health care providers.